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Our store is made of something more than quality products. It’s made of people. People who know people. People who have deep experience about meat. People who are used to demanding clients in states like New York, New Jersey Connecticut, the Carolinas and, obviously, Florida where we based our store.

Besides excellent meat, we also carry everything else you may need for your day top day living. We always strive to get exquisite products that originate from the countries our clients come from. Originally thought to be more of a Latin store we had so much success with our meats that we had to diversify our products offer, introducing seafood and fish, Various ethnic products and excellent wines from recognized brands that range from Europe to South America.

As we grew we felt the need to provide our loyal customers with complete meals. Those who work around our store’s area are used to a very broad and exquisite menu that we send out by text message every day.

If you haven’t visited us, please take some time and come to us. We have fresh produce every day, special cuts for your meat and every grocery you may imagine. We serve all audiences including Latin, Brazilian and American.

If you already know us then, please share your opinion or leave us a comment on any of our Social Media spots.

Thank you and enjoy our store.

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